Status: Needs Review

Mr. Giles Stebbins with regard to his
plan of appreciations as an agent of Western
Anti Slavery Society

The finance committee of the late Convention
report they have received in cash and pleges
the sum of one hundred and six dollars
sixty three dollars of which being all the cash received
by the committe was paid into the Tresurer
and he ordered after paying the expences of
Said Convention to forward the ballance as
a donation to the Western Anti Slavery Society
Said committe were requested to continue their
cirviceses in the financial department

Resolved That the committe meet on the first
Sunday in each month to transact such
business as may claim its attention

The committe voted to adjourn to meet at
the house of Thomas Chandler on the first
Sunday in December at 10 oclock A. M.

Jacob Walton jr.

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