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[left hand page]
(hand icon) Get all the names possible to this petition and forward to SARA ANDREWS SPENCER, Cor. L and 7th Streets, Washington, D.C. by the first of December, 1877.
Petition for a 16th Amendment.
To the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress Assembled:
The undersigned, Citizens of the United States, Residents of the State of _______, County of _____________, Town of _____________, earnestly pray your Honorable Body to adopt measures for so amending the Constitution as to prohibit the several States from Disenfranchising United States Citizens on account of Sex.

Men Women

[right hand page]

National Woman Suffrage Association [in font]
President, Clemence S. Lozier, M.D. New York
Vice Pres. Lucretia Mott, Philadelphia, Pa
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Tenafly, N.J.
Chair. Ex. Com., Susan B. Anthony, Rochester, N.Y.
Cor. Sec., Isabella Beecher Hooker, Hartford, Ct.
Treas., Ellen Clarke Sargent, Washington, D.C.

[ the remainder is hand written--in purple ink]
Sidney Nebraska Oct. 24th 1877

My Dear Madam Anneke
Your most welcome letter,
via Toledo, met me here last evening; it
was my first knowledge that I am to be
in Milwaukee Nov. 18th. I have my list of
engagements, only up to Nov. 9th--I suppose
it is to give my new lecture--"The Homes of
Single Women"--which I have been writing
at Dr. Alida C. Avery's most delightful
home--under the shadow of the dear
old Rocky Mountains at Denver--
the last two weeks--and I hope you &
all the friends will feel it a true & good
word on the subject.
Yes, tell dear Doctor Ross Wolcott
I will surely stop with none other than herself
this time--wouldn't be the last time--had
I only received her good invitation for

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letter is written on a petition blank so there are various fonts in the letterhead. I did check the names and the title of the lecture and those are accurate (according to Google).