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of the government to practice
its principles - of equal rights to all -
- land monopoly - & every other
great question - every one of which
men should include in their
protests & demands - but for
us women - abject slaves to
the ruling class - to demand
this or that reform - in the
same paper a address with
[illegible] demand for our
political freedom - seems
to let our claim down to
the level of the others - as
only one of many wrongs -
whereas I feel it, and want
over so to express it - as the
[illegible] & great wrong of the nation
that must - like negro slavery, be
put away, before it will be
possible for the nation to
purge itself of any, & all of
its other sins - Therefore I want

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to see woman's political
enslavement set forth singly
and separately from everything else -
in the most [glaring?] colors
so as to startle every one who
reads the document into
recognition of the nation's
crime against woman &
her race -, now cannot
[you?] get precisely such an
address written & send me
the copy - If your Association
and ours could write out
the same address, the two together
would be stronger than either alone -
- I shall be at home two
or three weeks longer - then I go
into Iowa to begin the Can-
vass of that state, preparatory
to the election of [illegible], 1876 - where

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