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I am glad you do not get
discouraged with the seeming
neglect of Mrs Houton or me -
but it is seeming - for I am
interested in all you say - always -
& shall ever be grateful for
all your thought [for?] me
[personally?] in my efforts
to establish the principles
of woman's equality of rights -
with kindest regards I am
as ever my dear friend
yours sincerely
Susan B. Anthony

P.S. - Do you not think women should
hold a grad mass meaning of indignation &
protest in Philadelphia July 4th 1876 - there will
many many women there - & if we should
thoroughly advertise the place when Madam Anneke
Houton & all the leading woman suffrage
were to speak we should have a crowd -
- All I should fear would be that
our own women speakers would not be
prepared to shout for freedom as valliantly [valiantly]
as did Patrick Henry & Sam Cotes of old

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but for themselves - they seem so
listless - it is hard to keep in the
of patience with them. If it were
possible to rouse, even our woman
suffrage women to take hold of the work of [illegible]
a good address - a tremendous "[illegible]
Growl" of the women of the United
[illegible], I should be delighted & ready
to join in the work, light [heartif?] -
and, with as little faith as I have
in the success as to getting large numbers
interested in getting signatures, if I
could see with my own eyes just the
right words of protesr & rebuke
that this motion needs - I should be
in favor of doing all we could to get
it before the people - I should
want it restricted to the one point
of shutting one half the people - women -
out from equal rights, civil & political
with the other half - men.

But whoever would attempt
to write could hardly fail to
bring in the 19 other failures

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