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[letterhead] National Woman Suffrage Association,
[italics] President, [/italics] SUSAN B. ANTHONY, Rochester, N. Y.
[italics] Ch'n. Ex. Com., [/italics] ELIZABETH CADY STANTON, Tenaly, N. J.
[italics] Cor. Sec'y, [/italics] JANE GRAHAM JONES, 910 Prairie Ave., Chicago, Ill.
[italics] Rec. Sec'y, [/italics] MARY F. DAVIS, 24 East 4th Street, New York.
[italics] Treasurer, [/italics] ELLEN C. SARGENT, Washington, D.C.

Rochester Apr. 13th 1874

Madam M. J. Anneke
My Dear Friend

Now, once more, will you
give our National Anniversary at
New York a letter - letting forth the
state of our movement in Wisconsin
- I received your articles of the
Radical Democracy during the last
year - also the Washington letter from
them & from the Free Thinkers - But as
we have no newspaper to report our meetings
- No public notice of their reception could
be given - - If I should get nothing further
from you or them - I will present the same
two documents at our May meeting - & try &
get the N.J. City papers to make note of it
- The dear Lillie Peckham - how very
thought always goes out to her when my
eye turns to Milwaukee & Madam Anneke -
- Hoping to get your good word of the
Woman Suffrage Cause in Wisconsin
in time for our Convention I am
With love
Susan B. Anthony

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