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June 27, 1969

Dearest Dale,

We received your letter and were delighted to
hear from you. It was good to learn that you passed your
swimming test and other requirements in order to qualify
for the canoe trip. That should be great fun.

Your Father is going to mail you some stationery
and envelopes. I will try to get the can of OFF sent today.

As you can see, we are back from Florida and there
is so much work to be done. The house is positively empty
without all the racket from you and Mike, but believe it or
not, we miss it. I simply can't understand it. (Smile)

I hope the weather has changed and that now it is
your turn to bask in the sun. We will write again soon. Please
be careful and listen to your Counselor. I am very glad that he
is, as you said, 'cool'.

We miss you very much and, of course, think of you


P.S. The house is so quiet that it seems almost spooky. (Smile)
The weeks are flying by and before you know it, your camp
experience will be over for this summer. But remember, I
am still working on your Father so that we will go again
sometime in July or August.

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