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May 8, 1968

Mrs. Frances Plenger
1635 North 33rd Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208

Dear Mrs. Plenger,

Thank you so very much for sending me your lovely poetic
tribute to Dr. King. It is a beautiful poem, and the more so
because it was written, not by a professional poet or writer,
but by an ordinary individual whose heart has been touched by
another's dream. Because you really felt what you put down
on that paper, it means very, very much.

I appreciate, more than you can know, your thoughts, and your
concern for your fellow man. It means a great deal, especially these
days when things look so bleak, to know that there are people who
do care. So, as I said, I thank you so very much for writing
and for sending your lovely poem along, too.


Alderman, 6th Ward


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