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May 7, 1968

Alderman Fred F. Schallert
Finance - Printing Committee
City of Milwaukee

Re: Common Council File No. 68-286

Dear Alderman Schallert:

The above resolution was introduced by title only, relating
to attendance at the Western Safety Congress being held in
Los Angeles on June 11 to 14 inclusive.

It it requested that approval be granted for the Managing Direc-
tor, the chairman of the Safety Commission and two members of
the Health-Traffic Committee.

The Milwaukee Safety Commission is a chapter of the National
Safety Council, and has always been represented at the Congress.
We believe that the citizens of our city would greatly benefit
from the information received from the many presentations. The
information will be used in the public information material
distributed by our office.

Alderman Phillips, chairman of the Health-Traffic Committee
recommends that two members of this committee be approved to
also attend this congress if time scheduling permits.

Very truly yours

Henry J. Wantoch

Henry J. Wantoch
Managing Director

[stamped: COPY]

cc: Alderman Phillips
Health-Traffic Committee

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