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I cannot believe that this map belongs either to the Clinton Group or Blue Limestone, no II. Specimens no 22 B. & 44 these have very much the aspect of some portions of the [gray?] Limestone of our [Ouaudaya?] Salt group- but the specimens are too few and not sufficient characteristic to decide. Similar drab layers also belong on a lower formation - 44 is [acc?]annulated or [illegible] no III. Specimens indicate the Niagara Limestone no 1 Favorite [specimen name?]? 2 [specimen name?]-a 72 [specimen name?] as 2. No 3 Favorite macro? 5 [Catenifosa?] [specimen name?]-mould- Cyatophyllum 12 [Lithoshotiau?] as recently modified by Lonsdale. a more perfect specimen showing ends of tubes is very desirable- 15 the Lignites of Eaton -78 Reutaneu [illegible] oblayus 85 Turbindolepsis 87 an annulated orthocecatite?-cavities found by Ross Ivery? of Cytherinue? 88 Fragments of orthacuanum? 89 Favorites [illegible] 91 [Pentaneuces?] 9- resembles the Gypedia [illegible] no IV. probably the lower part of the last or [illegible] group- The Caryacines? [illegible] is characteristic of that rock- The specimen marked Racine 2 suspect to be from [illegible] rock. The [illegible] is much like the actinacinuts? [geological name?] of England bark I must make out its structure.

Your Dentauceus? oblayers is much more gibbous than ours and may possibly from [district?]- I should be glad to see more of your fossils and will send yo thou from New York in return- I shall be happy to hear from you at all times and if I can aid your objects in survey will do be with pleasure-

I have written a note to introduce to you M. George [?] Moore a young Gentleman of the Legal Profession whose acquaintance I hope may prove agreeable to you-he is a stranger in your places and will be desiring of many acquaintance.

I hope you will be able to satisfy yourself and the supposition of these [illegibe], and when you do so let me hear your views-Look also for more specimens of the Racine [Treaty?] should it come in your way-
Dr. Torrey's first vol. is just now distributed. My Paleontology will be out in about four or five months-the printers have delayed some.

I am very truly yours

James A. Hall

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