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[Large Diagrams of Sock Gates Figure 1 & Figure 2]

Plan to Prevent Sock Gates from floating where the
Tide water on fresh nets rise above their tops.

There is to be a bar of iron, A fig 1 & 2, 3 inches by 2
lets into the masonry between the courses as it is carried up,
with an eye in its outer extremity 2 inches in diameter, so
placed that the centre of the eye, will be in the center of
the hollow coin: this bar is to be bolted to the wall similar
to the common fastenings at the top of the gates. Four of these
bars will be required, one near the bottom, one at one
three fourths of the height of the hollow groin post.

A mortice is to be made in the back side of the
heel post, to receive that part of the bar A which projects
from the wall. This mortice will be as long as the distance
through which the gate moves and the width of the bar.
and as thick perpendicular as the height of the same bar.

A screw bolt B, of such length as will reach from
the center through the post in the direction of the arms of the gate
with a tendon on its upper side is put through the post, and the
tendon catches into the eye of the bar A. In order to put in

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