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But the Cyperaceae are not all marsh plants; many of them are found on dry grounds, in the woods, the openings, and on the broad prairies. Some are peculiar to the Tamarac and Cedar swamps; some to the cranberry marshes; some flourish best in deep warm sandy soil; some in the depths of the pine forests at the north; while there are many species only to be found on the dry gravelly knolls, fully exposed to the light and heat of the sun. The radical leaves of several of the species are evergreen and hardy, [and] supplying a considerable portion of food during the winter months.

There are no poisonous species among the Cyperaceae, and they seldom yield any active medicinal qualities. Only two plants of this family are mentioned in the enumeration of [such] the Medicinal plants of the United States, of Dr. A. Clapp.*

*Transactions of the American Medical Association Vol. 5 (1852)

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