Genus XIV Carex Linnaeus, p. 184




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Genus XIV. Carex, Linnaeus
Greek keros, to cut; or Latin cares, to want.

[Flower never perfect]

Staminate and pistillate flowers separated, either borne together on the same spike (androgynous) or in separate spikes, on the same stem, very rarely on distinct plants; scales one=flowered, imbricated all round; stamens three, rarely two; perigynum an inflated sack forming a rounded or bladdery fruit, contracted towards the apex, inclosing the lenticular, plano=convex, or triangular achenium, which is crowned with more or less of the persistent base of the style; [stamens 2 or 3] stigmas 2 or 3, long, projecting from the orifice of the perigynium.-Culms triangular leafy.

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