Genus XI Rhynchospora Vahl, p. 176




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Genus XI Rhynchospora Vahl.

(Greek rhynchos a snout or beak, and spora, a seed).

Spikes ovate mostly few-flowered; scales loosely imbricated, lower ones smaller and empty, [and] from 1 to 3 [of the others] above with perfect flowers, the uppermost usually imperfect; perianth of 6 or rarely more plumose or rough bristles; stamens mostly 6; styles 2-cleft; achenium crustaceous, lenticular or globular, crowned with the dilated and persistent base of the style (tubercle) which is smooth or transversely wrinkled.
-Culms more or less triangular, simple, leafy; the small spikes in terminal and axillary clusters, cymes, or heads.

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