Eriophorum Gracile Koch, p. 169




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41. Eriophorum Gracile Koch

Syn. E. triguetrum Hoppe. E. angustifolium Torr. not of Roth.

Leaves slender, channelled-triangular, rough on the angles; involucre short and scale-like, mostly 1-leaved; peduncles rough or roughish-pubescent; achenium elliptical-linear. Culms 1 to 2 feet high, rather triangular. Spikes small, 3 to 7, the copious white bristles half to three fourths of an inch long.

Wet bogs &c Marquette county Wisconsin, (Mr. Townley); also in Illinois &c & about Lake Superior.

Plate VI. Upper part of the plant, natural size Fig 1- a flower; 2, achenium; 3, the scale; 4 anther; 5-stigmas

Extends east to N. England; a native also of Europe.

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