Cyprus Acuminatus Torrey & Hooker, p. 123




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4 Cyperus accuminatus Torrey & Hooker

Culm rather slender, triangular, strongly
ribbed, slightly scabrous pubescent, 4 to 6 inches
high, forming tufts; root fibrous; leaves
linear, situated near the base of the culm and
about half or two thirds their length; spikes
very numerous, oblong, flat, 10 to 15 flowered,
collected into 2 to 4 dense globular sessile or
short peduncled heads; scales ovate-lanceolate,
scabrous-pubescent when young, the points
recurved at maturity; involucre 3 or 4 leaves
of very unequal length; achenium ovate
or obovate, tapering at each end, acuminated
by the persistent base of the style.
Spikes yellowish.

Alton, Illinois, (Dr H. P. Sartwell)
Southern Ill Dr [Engbein?]

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