Carex Lagopodioides Schkur, p. 37




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89 Carex lagopodioides, Schkur.

Spikes 10 to 15 approximate, ovate, a large
bract (often longer than the culm) under the lowest;
perigynia erect, ovate-lanceolate, nerved, margin
winged, nearly twice the length of the ovate-
oblong, rather obtuse scale; achenium narrowly
oval, on a short stalk. Culms about
two feet high; flowers in May. Wet
grounds. --

Plate VIII Fig. a Head of spikes;
b perigynia, c scale; d achenium.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Minnesota, Illinois,
Southern Indiana, Ohio, & Michigan. Its
geographical range is from South Carolina
to the Arctic regions, and the N West coast.

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