Carex Stipata Muhlenberg, p. 17




Status: Complete

69 Carex stipata, Muhlenberg
Syn. C. vulpinordea, For. (not of Michx)

Spikes numerous, aggregate into
a sub-triangular head; perigynia lanceolate,
compressed & truncate at the base, with a
long beak, much longer than the scale; style
not tumid at the base. Culm 2 feet high,
flowers in May. Wet ground, common

Plate VIII fig 9 a perigynia (young)
b same, mature; c serratures on the margin
of the perigynia consisting of two hollow cells, very
highly magnified; d pistillate scale; e
staminate scale; f. germ and pistil; g a
cross section of the stem; h a stamen.

Milwaukee to La Crosse & northward to
Lake Superior in Wisconsin. Also in Illinois,
Southern Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. It
extends to South Carolina; to the N. W. Coast
and to the Arctic regions.

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