Carex Teretiuscula Goodenough, p. 12




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** Spikes pistillate below, staminate above.

64 Carex Teretiuscula, Goodenow

Spikes with short apparent haunches; perigynia
ovate, acuminate, unequally biconvex, gibbous, X slight-heart shaped
below, with 3 to 5 short nerves; scale lanceolate,
acute, a little shorter than the perigynium;
achenium obovoid, obtusely triangular, The
perigynium & scales become brownish black at
maturity. Culms inches high
flowers in . Shows in wet meadows.

Plate VIII fig 6. a A head of spikes; b
perigynium; c- the scale; d section
oof the perigynium; e achenium; f germs
and pistil.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Southern Indiana,
Ohio, & Michigan - thence to the Arctic
Region, and East to N. England A native also of Europe.

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