Carex Siccata Dewey, p. 9




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61 Carex siccata, Dewey

Syn. c. pallida, Meyer.

Spikes 4 to 8, ellipsoid, and acute,
the uppermost, and commonly from 1 to 3 of the lowest
fertile below, the intermediate ones frequently all
staminate; perigynia ovate lanceolate, compressed,
bifid, nerved, acuminate, smooth, about the length
of the scale; style minutely hairy. Culms 12
to 18 inches high; flowers in June

Plate VIII fig 5. a The head of spikes;
b the bract; c a fertile flower; d the perigynium
e the pistel.

Found at Beloit Wisconsin by the late
Prof. S.P. Lathrop. Also in Illinois & Michigan. It
extends northward to the Arctic Regions, and
east to N. England.

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