Carex Bromides Schkur, p. 8




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D2. Spikes with both staminate
and pistillate flowers, numerous,
sensile, forming more or less compact heads; stigmas
two; achenium lenticular.

*Staminates & pistillate flowers variously situated

60 Carex bromoides, Schkur.

Spikes four to si, alternate, oblong=lanceolate
some of the central ones wholly fertile; perigynia
erect, narrow=lanceolate, with a tapering point, solid
and spongy at the base, longer than the laceolate
scale; style jointed at the base. Culms 12 to
18 inches high; flowers in May. Wet
meadows, commons.

Plate I fig 18 - a a head of fertile
spikes; b perigynium and stigmas; c. the
pristillate scale; d the achenium and jointed
base of the style.

Wisconsin, southern Indiana, Ohio, and
Michigan. It has been found from South
Carolina to the Arctic regions.

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