Carex Steudelii Kunth, p. 6




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58 Carex Steudelii, Kunth

Spikes simple, with two or three pistillate
flowers at the base and 10-15 sterile flowers
above; perigynia roundish=obovoid, smooth, with
a long and abrupt rough beak; scales of the
fertile flowers green & leaf=like,
longer than the spike; achenium roundish,
obscurely triangular, very minutely dotted; stigmas
three, downy; leaves radical, longer than the
culm. Culm 6 to 12 inches high. Flowers
in May. Dry woods.

Plate VIII fig 3- a The head or spike
b The pergynium, c section of the same.

Illinois, Indiana & Ohio. Extends
eastward to Northern N. York

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