Carex Polytuichoides Muhlenberg, p. 4




Status: Complete

56 Carex Polytuichoides, Muhlenberg

Synon. C. leptalea, Wahl. C. microstachya, Michx.

Spike solitary, small, staminate above, pistillate
below; stigmas three; perigynia erect, alternate,
ablong, comprened=triangular, obtuse, slightly nerved,
entire at the apex, green, trice the length of the
ovate scales. Culm 6 to 20 inches high.
Flowers in May. Grows mostly in swamps

Plate I fig 17 - a The terminal spike,
enlarged. b The perigynium and stigmas. c
The pritillate scale. d The achenuem. e A
cross section of the achenium.

Common in Wisconsin - has been collected
in Illinois, southern Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
and about Lake Superior. It has been
found as far south as Florida, and
extends northward to the Arctic regions.

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