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spinipes, Say. Joints of the feet with short spines at tip, and a single much longer
one beneath the tips; body chestnut brown. L. 1/2 in.

Scutingera Lam. (Cermatia Illig.)
Body covered with 8 scutelliform plates; beneath with 15 semi=annuli, each with a pair of feet
terminated by a very long slender many=jointed tarsus; last pair more elongated; eyes
large, compound; antennae slender.
coleoptrata, vVilliers. [Georgia-probably introduced]

Scolopendra Lin.
Antennae conics=setaceous; dorsal plates subequal; eyes 4 each side, hemisherical.
21 or more pairs of feet
marginata, Say. Body obscure, olivacious green; segments margined with dark
green; head casteneous (chestnut colour) L. 2 1/2 in.
viridis, Say. Body bluish green; base of the feet and all beneath
whitish; posterior segments margined with pale yellow. L 2 1/2 in.
fornicata, Lin. Legs 15 on each side, last ones longer, and turning backwards
form a forked tail; body dun colour smoothe, of nine scaly
segments (American—Rear cyc.)
gigantea, Lin. Legs 20 on each side tail with two hooked styles. (American)
occidentalis, Lin. Legs 123 on each side; body ferruginous;
antennae 14 jointed (America)

Anterior edge of the labium not denticulated, hardly emarginate;
eyes osolete, posterior pair of feet longest, basal joint unarmed.
hyalina, Say. Body much depressed, white, with a double black=
=ish internal line; hind feet with the third joint
five toothed. L. 3/5 in.
sexphinosa, Say. First joint of the posterior feet two spined; body
reddish ferruginous; antennae with very short dense hairs, joints
oval, separated by a very short [ped??cle].
postica, Say. Terminal segment of the body longest; posterior feet very
short and robust; rufous, paler beneath.

Posterior pair of feet not remarkably longer than the others
eyes obsolete; feet 42 + upwards; antennae of but 14 joints.
[rubens?], Say. Body attenuated before + behind; terminal pair of feet
hardly longer than the preceding pair; body red, with short
hairs especially on the antennae + feet
attenuatus, Say. Body attenuated from the head, posterior feet
longer than the others; body reddish brown, feet paler.

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