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Class 3. Insecta

Order I. Myrialioda
Head distinct, and provided with 2 antennae; body divided into segments;
mandibles simple, incisive; most of the segments are provided with its feet.

Tribe 1. Chiloganthus
Antennae [7=jointed?], [filiform?]; mouth with 2 mandibles and a [illegible] divided by sutures; two
or four anterior feet united at base; all very short and terminated by a single hook

Genus Julus Lin. Latr.
Body cylindrical very long; the second joint of the antenna longer than the 3a which it minute; no ridge
or trenchant edge on the sides of the segments annuli; they roll themselves up spirally;
eyes distinct.
impressus, Say. Brown with a series of lateral black dots, beneath yellowish=
white; last segments mucronate.
punctatus, Say. Body brownish with an impressed dorsal line, impressed
white spots and dots, last segment unarmed.
annulatus, Say. Body with numerous, elevated, obtuse lines of which
4 are above the stigmata; last segment glabrous, unarmed.
lactarius, say. Body fuscous with a rufous dorsal line, numerous elevated
lines of which about 15 are above the stigmata; last segment unarmed.
marginatus, Say. Body cylindric, glabrous, blackish, segments with a
rufous margin; lat segment unarmed. L. 3 in.
pusillus, Say. Body with a lateral series of black spots, terminal segments unarmed L. 1/2 in.

Polydesmus Latr (Julus Lin)
Body elongated, linear, depressed; segments with a prominent margin; eyes obsolete
feet many; antenna 2d joint shorter than the 3d.
tridentata, Fabr. (Julus Virginiensis, Drury) Legs 3b on each side; tail armed with
3 teeth; segment, gray with a ferruginous dorsal spot; legs with two
denticles at the base.
serratus, Say. Segments with a double transverse series of slightly raised
squamiform elevations; above reddish brown; beneath yellowish white.
granulatus, Say. Segments granulated granules subequal, arranged in four
series; body with short hair, pale tinged with a red beneath.

Pollyxenus Latr.
Body membraneus, very soft, pennicilliate with setae at tip; antennae equal,
inserted under the anterior margin of the head.
fasciculatus, Say. Body pale brown, linear, incissures ciliated, fasciculated
each side; head deeply ciliated before; eyes small, prominent; antennae
very short, thick, reddish brown; feet white.

Tribe II Chilopoda.
Antennae, setacous, of 14 or more [jointe?], more slender towards the extremity; mouth
of 2 mandibles and a pulpiform appendage; labrum with many clefts, two
large palpi, two small hooks palpi or feet, pierced at the tips for the emission of a
poisonous fluid; body with a coriacous [coriaceous] or membranous covering; each
segment with 1 pair of feet; having distinct spiracles

Genus Lithobius, Leach.
Stimata lateral; dorsal plates alternately longer and shorter and overlapping each=
=other close to the extremity; antennae conico=setaceous.


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