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nigra, Say. Black, scabrous, immaculate; antennae with the spine of
the 32 joint hardly prominent.

Armadillo - Latr.
Caudal styles 4, lateral ones biarticulate, convenient with, and
not longer than the terminal segment of the tail, second joint triangular;
antennae exteriors 7-jointes, interiors obsolete; body capable of being
rolled into a sphere.

pilularis, Say. Plumbeous, margin and sub marginal line cinereous, 3
yellowish lines of spots on the disk.

Cythere - Latr.
Shell bivalve concealing the head; eyes confluent; antennae two,
ciliated; feet 8.

bifasciata, say - Valves ovate, viewed above and beneath, lateral view
suboval, convex above, somewhat rectilinear beneath; the dorsal in=
dentation behind the most elevated part; clothed with minute dense hairs;
color greenish-testaceous, tipped with black., the posterior spots
emarginate above when the valves are closed, two black bands, the
posterior one a little undulated and connected with the anterior one
by a dilated dorsal line which terminates a little before the anterior
band; antennae as long as the valves ciliae obsolete; feet white.

Shell bivalve; head distinct; antennae generally 4, ramose; feet eight
or twelve; eye one.

angulata, Say. Body viewed laterally suboval, contracted before, gibbous
above near the posterior edge, beneath ventricore in the middle;
back subovate, acute behind and contracted before; sides strated
with numerous, minute, parallel oblique lines; hind edge of the
body with a prominent angle in the middle which is obtuse at
the tip, above the angle it is ciliated; antenna with 4 filaments
on the superior branch, and 5 on the inferior branch - color white or red.

votundatus, Say. Body viewed laterally ovate, narrowed before, rounded
behind, and destitute of any prominent angle and of gibbosity above; lateral
oblique lines obsolete; ventor deeply ciliated; antennae superiors
3 - branched, a small spine above at the insisure of the joints, inferiors
5 - branches; colour white.

Body elongated and attenuated behind; thorax abbreviated;
eye one; antennae 2 or 4, simple; feet 6 to 10 hairy; tail long, bifid.

noviculus, Say - Body oval, attenuated behind; thorax semioval, glabrous,
rounded before truncate behind, sanguineus, hind angles acute; tail
and feet white, the former as long as the thorax; attenuated, terminal
joint bifid, seta four as long as the tail, the outer ones shorter, two
small equal spines at the base of each pair, and one subs equal one
on the exterior side of the bifid part of the tail, a little before the base
of the ceta; anterior antennae 2/3 the length of the body, spincore, white,
extended each side horizontally, recurved and more robust near the
base and attenuated to the tip

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