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Once you sign up for an account, a new Transcribe tab will appear above each page.

You can create or edit transcriptions by modifying the text entry field and saving. Each modification is stored as a separate version of the page, so that it should be easy to revert to older versions if necessary.

Registered users can also add notes to pages to comment on difficult words, suggest readings, or discuss the texts.

Declaration, Petition, Signed Petition cards share some fields. Spend some time getting familiar with the different cards and which fields to use.

Declaration Card

Petition Card

Signed Petition Card

Transcription Instructions

  • Mark records "For Review" when text is difficult to read. Do not mark records for additional proofreading
  • If a card includes "see back of card" or something similar. Write what you see. We do not have images of the back of cards.
  • If a card has "quotes" below a line of text, this signifies that it is the same as the line above. Write the text from above.

Record Type: Select Declaration if the card has "Declaration" at the bottom. Select "Signed Petition" if the card has a signature at the bottom. Otherwise, select "Petition"

Declaration/Petition/Signed Petition fields

  • Family and Given Names: Enter as written
  • Alternate Family and Given Names: Some Petition cards include an alternate name at the top, starting with "X-" Enter as written
  • Address: Enter as written
  • Vol/Page:
    • Petition Cards: The number before Volume is the Petition Number. Enter it in the Petition # field below. Enter the Volume and Page numbers only, no text. Example "Vol 2-P 76" would be entered "2-76"
    • Declaration Cards: Enter Vol#-Pg# format. Example "2-76" Some entries may have "Filed YYYY" enter this.
  • Title/Location of Court: Select from the drop down. If different than the available choices, select "Other"
  • Place of Birth: Enter as written
  • Date of Birth: Enter as written
  • Certificate #: Petition cards may include a Certificate Number. On Petition Cards, this will appear above the Vol/Page text. On signed Petition Cards, this will be the stamped number at the top of the card.
  • Port of Arrival: Enter as written
  • Arrival Date: Enter as written. Some cards will include the year in parentheses above the date. Include the year in your transcription.
  • Naturalization Date: Enter as written
  • Witness 1: Enter as written
  • Witness 1 Address: Enter as written
  • Witness 2: Enter as written
  • Witness 2 Address: Enter as written
  • Age: Enter as written
  • Date of Admission: Enter as written
  • Date Certificate Issued: Enter as written
  • Petition #: Enter as written