Dane CCC R703871


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Dane CCC R703871

Record Type: Signed Petition

Family Name: Soldatos

Given Name: Sam

Family Name - Alternate (X- Name at top of card):

Given Name - Alternate:

Address: 617 Jenifer Street, Madison, Wisconsin

Vol/Page (Enter V-PG or Filed YYYY):

Title/Location of Court: Circuit Court, Dane

Place of Birth:

Date of Birth:

Certificate #: 4065758

Port of Arrival:

Arrival Date:

Naturalization Date:

Witness 1:

Witness 1 Address:

Witness 2:

Witness 2 Address:

Age: 52

Date of admission: 9/21/36

Date Certificate Issued: 9/21/36

Petition #: 3509

Alien Registration #:

Dane CCC R703871