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January Wednesday 18 1905

Umm idj-Djimâl 7:30 A.M. Temp. 38 ° Baro. S 27.30 Baro. L 27.55
Calm, Ciirrus clouds 1/3. Beautiful day.

Fine moon-light night in ruins. Succeed in finding a sheep
which was without lamb - had to pay an English pound for it,
and had it killed to make a feast, [fantasicc?] for muleteers.
After they had gorged themselves with it, they squatted in a line
on the ground, and two or three of their number danced & sang in
front of them, cutting up all kinds of rough & uncouth antics, with the
others joining in the choruses of the songs and clapping their
hands. They all had huskey voices, and every evidence of
intoxication, although they hadn't had a drop of liquor. One man
immitated? the growl of a camel perfectly. It was all a weird
experience in the ruins and the moonlight, with the desert waste on all

Late at night the absolute silence was broken by the
occasional hoot of an owl, the musical tinkle of a bell as one
of the mules moved, or the stamp of a hoof, then all would be still
until suddenly a jackall would howl, then there would be an
answer from another at a distance followed all most at once by the
most ungodly screeches and yells imaginable as all the jackalls
for miles around got in the chorus. This would arouse the Arab dogs to
do battle, and they would bark and howl each in a seperate? key.
Gradually silence would reign again, except for the occasional low
of the watchman guarding our tents. Then a donkey would bray.

Once during the night a wolf stoll? up to the camp, having smelled
the remains of the slaughtered sheep, and there was more trouble.

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