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Ledger Page Number: 505

Last Name Letter: W

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
May7Watson J. W.6Stockton Bust220055
May14Winston Norvell Miss12PC bust220071.5
May17Wood A. M. (debating team)9220323
May21Walker Loney #6PC Bust220360.75
May30Werlein J. P.12MP Bust220658
May30Whitmore C. A. (baseball)12Sepia Fig Pan220674
June9Wood A. M.6MP C+G220903
June15Wyllie A. S.6MP C+G230055
June22Walton's Mr (3 children)1223025 1/22
June30Waddell W. W. Mrs6UP 2 neg baby230313
June30Willis Annie Miss6UP 2 neg bust230324
June30Willis Mary Lee Miss6MP 2 neg bust230335.75
July19Witherall Miss Lizzie12Panarama230623.5
July21Wingfield Mr W. C.6P02 bust230652
July22Werner Mr S. A. (children)12Bavaria Group of 4230674
July22Wingfield Miss M. W.12PC Bust230691
July29Wilson Mrs A. V.623083
August10Wood Mrs O. A. + Boy12PC 2 Fig240081
August12Washington Eddie12PC Fig240121
August26Weaver H. C.1224032
August27Washington Mary #6Cab baby24037
September15White Miss May624050
September15Whitlock Mrs Lizzie624051
September26Warren Mr C. E.128x1024077
September26Wood Capt. Micaziah24078
ch5Wheeler Mis Kathleen12PC figure24099
10Wood Mrs W. F.12PC24104
10Wood Mrs W. F.12PC dog24105
13Waye Mr Joseph12PC 2 neg24176
25Wingfield Mrs Elizabeth126x8 2 neg24138
25Wingfield Mrs B122 negs24139
November2Mrs James G. White624149
November16White Mrs Jno S.6group of 3 baby24169
November19Wister Mrs24174
November30Witner Mr C. A.128x10 Sketch
December1White Miss Deborah1Cab Copy24194
1911January26Willis Elizabeth #6PC Bust24297
26" Nellie #6PC Bust

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