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Ledger Page Number: 504

Last Name Letter: W

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
October4Walker Florence Miss6216092
October7Williams H. H. Mrs21622
October18Wilton Ada Miss126x8 2 neg216468
October18Wild A. A. Mrs128x10 S2164710
October25Wild A. A. Mrs21660
October26Water W. D.12PC group of 3216641
October28Waters L. B.12Sepia B216637
October29Wilkerson W. H. Mrs12216673
November2Wood A. M.6216734
November12Watson Dr Mrs (group)12Davenport216835
November15Woods John C.18Sketch 8x10 2 neg2168715
November19Wilhort C. E. Mrs1221696
November19Wilhort C. E. Mrs621697
November24Wright W. R. + frd12217054
November24Woods Sallie Miss8x10 sketch217078.25
November25Warwick L.6217123.5
November30Wood J. B. Mrs12N Pan Bust217246
November30Woodson Carl6217251.5
December1Woodson Sallie Miss12Post Card Bust217301
December10Wood A. A. + Family68x10 group 3217537
December10Wood A. A. + Wife68x10 2 fig217547
December14Woods Mary Miss12Small Oval Bust217681.5
December14Woods Laura T. Miss12Oval Bust217691.5
December14Wood Virginia Miss12Oval Bust217701.75
December27Wild Mrs + Mrs Bowen12Upan 2 H217915
1910January10Ward B. Jr.12PC Bust218131.5
January15Wallace L. E.6UP Bust218233.5
January28Walker R. A.12UP Bust218385
February4Woodson Sallie Mrs6218492
February4Woodson Lucile + sister6218502
February7Warner J. C. Arcadian21851
February19Woodbury (1st Basketball T)21863
February19Woodbury (2nd ")21864
March2Wright J. L.12PC Bust218841
March14Wester H. W.12219065
March19White India Miss12PC Fig219171.5
March23Wilson A. L.12PC Bust219221

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