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Last Name Letter: M

YearDate (Month)Date (Day)NameQuantity (If Applicable) Image Details (Size and or Type)Holsinger NumberCost
1912May9McCue Dr (elderly)187
May14Melton Mrs Ida12PC200x1
May16Matthews Miss E.6MP5
May20Martin A. H. Jr.128x10 Sketch221x12.5
May30Marathon Garage18x10268x1.5
May30Michie Robert12PC270x1
May30Munday J. O.6UP275x3
June3Mosely H. V.68x10 Sketch284x7
June12Mikell Toumend3Birch Fol309x2
June21Michie T. J. Jr.67x10 Sketch329x7
JuneMadison Hall8x10347x
July13Meyers W. T. + Wife138x10 Sepia389x10
July13" Mrs58x10390x5
July13Meeks Miss12MP391x8
July16Melton Mrs Ada12PC Baby397x1
July19Maffett Mrs M. S.12PC403x1
July19Magee Mr1copy405x1
July23Metcalf Mr4prints415x1
July27Miller Miss12PC bust420x1
July29Marsh Miss C. B.12PC426x1
July30McCue E. O. Mrs128x10 Sketch429x10
July30McCue Sarah12MP 2 neg430x8
August8Moore Mr F. D.12UPan447x5
August12McVeigh G. H. baby6Cab450x1.5
August16Maury Mrs5x7466x
August21Millon Florence12PC470x
August24Martins Len Daughterx2480x
August28McDaniel Nora #12PC490x1
September6Martins Alice Hickory Hill Va12PC standingx5071
SeptemberMonticello negativex509
September7Marshall E. M.12PC sitting roomx5101
September14Milton Miss J. N. group12PC Folderx5232
SeptemberMonticello Negative8x10 negx525
September24McKenney Robert A. house94x6 Sepia H. F.x6144
September25Morris Mr J. W.6Maple Folderx6192
September28Morris S. A.3cab folderx6232
October5Martin Mrs C. H.12cab 2 neg childx6427.5

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