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7 copies made G.D.

Received the day of 1865 of Mrs.
{Mary} Martha Mary Brinklow [administrature] of Joseph Brinklow
seventeen"--"pound ten"--"shillings and
seven"--"pence in full satisfaction &
discharge of my seventh share of £ 122"--"14"--"6
being two thirds of the net residue of his personal
estate now divisible between his 7 children.

17-10- 7

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7 copies made ( initials go perhaps) Received the day 1865, of May (Mary error) Martha Mary Brinklow administrive & Joseph Brinklow, (seventeen power ten) 17 times 10 shillings, are discharged, every seventh share, of Lire 122-14-6, being 2 thirds of the net resolve, of her personal estate, more desirable between his 7 children. (Math) (7 against /) 122-14-6 (divided by over) 17-10-7