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31 March 1859 Mr [?] Sandlemere Receipt for Salvage returned for correction. J.S.

5th April 1859 Monthly & Quarterly Returns for 31 March 1859 Transmitted

Letter to Mr Hoad Coast Guard Officer. 15 April 1859 Dear Mr Hoad. I am sorry to have so sad an account from you -- do all you can to assist the poor men saved -- no doubt someone from Colchester will soon be here -- The Master must come to me to make a declar-ation. Desire him to bring the log book with him -- if saved. Report again on this paper Truly yours. J.S.

18 April 1859 Letter to Mr Giddy C.G. Easington respct'g a Long Boat. J.S.

18 April 1859 Letter transmitted to Mr Glucker C.G. [Gilmsea?] respct'g Iron Salvage Receipts J.S.

19 April 1859 Letter to Mr Giddy C. Guard Dear Mr Giddy I have this morning seen Mr Beebe of Withansea who purchased the Long Boat and he informed me that when he sent to [?] to take the boat away, he shewed the auctioneer's order to an officer who said it was all right. He also saw [Saml?] Langhorn the Salvor who refused to take the money he offered him -- be so good as to let me know the name of the officer who told Mr Beebe that all was right, and also let me know why he was not prevented taking the Boat away, faithfully yours. J.S. write your reply on this paper.

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20 April 1859 Vessel "Hope" Depositions of W.G. Cummins transmitted 20 April 1859 Also form To the Sect'y Marine Deptmt. J.S.

20 April 1859 Vessel "Hope" Depositions of W.G. Cummins transmitted 20 April 1859 Sect'y Lloyds J.S.

23 April 1859 Vessel ["Herlichkeit Guelino"?] Depositions of Johann Friederich Luths transmitted 23 April 1859 Sect'y Lloyds J.S. Form h.R.1 transmitted 23 April 1859 Sect'y Marine Dept J.S.

Papers belonging the Vessel "Beta" 26 April 1859 Sir, I beg to acquaint you that this morning, I received a small box containing a few papers, of but little value, belonging to the "Beta" of your port, W. Hutchinson, Master, one paper is a [?] dated 8 April 1859, 100 Tons Wylams Patent Steam Fuel Loaded at Tyne Main If you will have the goodnefs to apprize [the Master?] of the "Beta" of the circumstance I will forward the box to him or to you It was picked up by a Coast Guard officer on the beach near [?] which is about 7 miles north of [Spurr?] Point. I am sir your obedt servant James Sparrow Coll Newcastle

28 April 1859 Captain Palmes My dear Palmes Have the goodness to send one of your men to Mr D Carnie and allow him to read the accompanying letter. Truly yours James Sparrow

Monthly wreck account transmitted 6 May 1859 J.S.

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7 May 1859 Mr [Hoad?], Sandlesmere Mast & some shrouds, value about 30/__ sell those articles & state expenses. J.S.

7 May 1859 Mr Milne, Holmpton Wreck forms transmitted and instructions to sell, a rough span 20 ft 1 water cask J.S.

7 May 1859 Mr Glucker, Kilnsea Instructions to sell a cask 60680 [?] about 10/_ J.S.

Vessel "John" 7 May 1859 Sir: With reference to your letter of the 3 Inst respecting the foundering of the "John" of Shields off Cromer, and requesting to be furnished with forms W1 in respect of the same. I beg to acquaint you that immediately on landing here they were supplied with the means of proceeding to Shields by the Secretary of the Fisherman's Shipwreck Society. Sect'y, Marine Dept I am Sir, your obdt Servt. James Sparrow

9 May 1859. Vessel "Herlichkeit Godens" Sir, With reference to your letter of the 7 Inst requesting form WR1 in respect of "Herlichkeit Godens" of Godens Hanover, foundered at sea. I beg to acquaint you that the form in question, together with the declaration of the Master, was forwarded to you on the 23 [?]. I am Sir, Your Obedient Servant James Sparrow Secret'y Marine Dept, Bd of Trade

11th May 1859 Mr Hoad (Sandlesmere) Salvage Receipts transmitted for signature 11 May 1859 J.S.

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Receipt for Travelling Expenses returned for signature to Mr [Flu?Flicker?] Receipt for salvages transmitted 21 'May 1859 to Geo Milne [Holynton?] JM MARGINALIA: S

Form WRI of the vessel "Ava" transmitted 21'May 1859. Secty Marine Dept JM MARGINALIA: V

31 May 1859 Monthly wreck account transmitted 31'May 1859. JS MARGINALIA: M

Board of Trade Marine Dept No 5821 Registered 2 June 1859

The Collector Custom Ho Hall A telegram of which the following is a copy was sent to you from this office at Noon to day.

"Do not detain "Leopard" for this Boards' Certificate it will be sent by to nights post." J [?] James 2/6/59

The "Leopard" was cleared by me yesterday for [C?] your Telegram directing me to grant clearance arrived at 1/15pm. James [Sh?Sp?] CHH 3/6/59


[for?] 22 Mr Teddy Salvage Receipts transmitted for signtature 29 June 1859 Mr [Flu?] [Killsea?] " for No 14 transmitted 29 June 1859 " " " " No15 " " " " " " " No 16 " " " Mr Milne [Holynton?] " " No {18} 17 " " " " " " " No 23 " " "

Head Return of Wreck at Withernsea " No 20 " "

Vessel "North Sea" 1 July 1859

Sir, I have seen Mr Kruger Master of the North Sea, he is desirous that the inquiry contemplated should take place as early as possible.

I have also communicated with the [Stipendary?] Magistrate who will name a day for the inquiry on my again

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apprising him, when I am ready wtih the neccessary witnesses.

I annex a List of the Crew of the "North Sea" many of whom you will perceive are [?] from Hull.

Those who are now here and who are soon expected are as follows, [?]

Thos Steele - AB who was at the wheel at the time of the wreck is at home,

Henry Thundercliffe - AB - at home

John Sutton - Boatswain & 2nd Mate is expected to return to Hull on Tuesday or Wednesday next.

W. [Robinson?] Cook - Expected to return to Hull latter end next week.

Will [Whiting?] AB -will be at Hull on Monday next

Jos Pennington AB Daily expected to return to Hull [Water on Deck?]

Robt Kirby - AB Daily expected

Robt [Ellen? Eller?] - [Freeman?] - at home

Jos Mudd - [Freeman?] - expected to return to Hull the latter part of next week, consequently there are now three of the Crew in Hull - One of whom (Robt Ellen), I have detained to-day on condition that the Crown pay his wages, as per the annexed note from Messrs Wilson & Co.

[Men?] are daily expected to return to Hull - two of whom were on the water at the time of the wreck. One expected to return the middle of next week, - and two at the end.

I have not seen Steele and Thundercliffe - but will see them tomorrow.

Should it be advisable to have the attendance of all parties aforementioned - the investigation cannot take place before Monday or Tuesday the 11 or 12 [J--]

Be as good as to write me by return of post - the day that it will be convenient for Captain Harris to attend - and also whether I shall summons the men I have named.

I am sir, your [--?] servant, James Sparrow

The [Collector?] Custom Ho London

Will it be neccessary for me to employ Mr [Saxelbye?]

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