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14 Feby 1859
Stores of the Brig "Mize"

The Masters of the Brig within mentioned has not yet been
here. Say to him that he must call at my office. Take
care of the stores, return this paper with a report.


15 Feby 1859
Letter resptg Crew of the "Proidence"


With reference to your letter of the 11th Inst on the subject of
the crew of the "Providence" of Yarmouth which foundered on the
Dogger Bank and of the crew having been brought to Hull in
the Fishing Smack "Secret."

I beg to acquaint you that the "Secret" is away fishing
on her return {from} form (WI) shall be forwarded.


Sec'y Marine Depot
Board of Trade London.

17 Feby 1859
Vessel "Sultana"?

Form WR no 1 forwarded to Board of Trade
Secty M Dept. Bd of Trade


17 Feby 1859
Vessel "Sultana" Form no 1 Transmittal


With reference to your letter of the 11th Inst herewith
I beg to send you Form no 1 duly filled up in respect of the
"Sultana" and ["Smilase"?] so far as the Master of the
"Sultana" knows of the [Morster?] -- [Mfors?] Ger & Co the owners
request to be furnished witha copy of the declaration
made by Mr Coswell the Master before the Consul at Dunkirk

Secty M Dept Bd of Trade

Depositions of Alfred B Meyer Master of the "Diana"
transmitted to Secty Lloyd's
do Form WR No 1Transmitted to Board of Trade


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