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Hornsea Van might be watched as well as
any other road leading to Beverley from Holderness
The information is correct as it came to me
indirectly from a person to whom some of the
tallow had been offered. Mr Yates purchased
the 7 cwt he has from Brandesburton whose
premises it would be well to search in order
to ascertain what quantity of the Tallow in question
he has in his possession, and how he accounts
for the same. I was not aware that you resided
at Beverley as would have written yesterday and
requested you to direct assistance to be afforded my
officers in their search. You will oblige by
taking such steps in this matter as you may
deem proper, and apprize me of the result.



8 March 1838

Note to Major Layard in answer to
his reply to the above: – introducing
to him Mr Catchpole – Inspector of the
[R???] – [????] [John?] [R???idge] of
all the circumstances of the case –

Mr Catchpole entrusted with writ
of Assistance –


9 March 1858

Letter to [???] Tiddy to ascertain where [???] obtained
about 3/4 Cwt Tallow (which [C?] L. [Lea?ly] of [B?]asington ([Canier?]) has
in his possession


Secretary Board of Trade
10 March 1858

Monthly Wreck Account for February transmitted (No 305)

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