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Custom House, London.
12th Feby 1858.

With reference to your letter of the 10th Inst–
relative to the case of the "James Watt," I request you
will be pleased to as-certain if possible and let me know
whether it is likely that the fine imposed upon the
Engineer will be paid within a reasonable period. And
at the same time inform me of the amount of the
Costs adjusted in each case & how the same were
disposed of for the purpose of record in this Office

Signe J O Dowd
Solicitor Customs

Is it likely that the fine
on the Engineer will be
paid within a reasonable period

Must be paid within the next
18 days from to day (16th Feby)
or will be discharged

Amount of Costs Engineer 10/6 not yet paid

Amount of Costs Master 3/6 paid

Costs disposed of 3/6 Received by Clerk to Magistrate as fees.


Solicitor London
16th Feby 1858.

Above are replies from the Magistrates
Clerk to your within inquiry – The Master paid his
fine & Costs, But the Engineer appears to be
still in gaol and unless he pays his Fine
and Costs by the 6th of March he will be discharg'd.



20 Feby 1858.

Application to Collector, at Goole for Official Number
of Vessel "Lady Londsborough" JS.

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