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Hompton Coast in November last and to acquaint
you that the same shall be brought under the
notice of the Controller General of the Coast Guard
for his decision.



The Secretary. Board of Trade, Marine Department
21st January 1858.

Under the circumstances stated in the
annexed Letter from Mr Stephen Gray of yesterday's date–
cummunicating the wreck near Sutton on the Coast of
Lincolnshire of the "James Watt" Steam Vessel, I will
thank you to inform me whether I am still to proceed
with the prosecution herein directed.



Solicitor London
25th Jany 1858.

When your letter of the 4th November
last arrived here, the "James Watt" was absent at
Orford Ness assisting to lay down Telegraphing Wires
she never returned to the Port. In November, Mr
Gray the owner memorialed the Board of Trade
on the subject,– when by paper No 12569 regd
23d November 1857, I was directed to proceed
with the prosecution as directed as soon as
the Vessel returned from Orford Ness. On her
voyage back the week before last she was stranded
near [Hutton?] on the Coast of Lincolnshire
about 25 miles south of Spurn Point, and has
become a total wreck. The Crew, I believe
are now in Hull and I can proceed with the
prosecution if desired. 'The continued absence from
the Port of the "James Watt" and the parties concerned
in the commission of the Offence' is the only cause
why the prosecution has not been proceeded


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