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Mr Ths Wright Ship Owner Whitby
Sir. 10th October 1857
I beg to acknowledge the Receipt
of your letter of the 21st Ulto and yesterday's
dates - and to acquaint that I returned to Hull
but the other day only - when I lost no time
in making inquiry respecting the Anchor
and chains of your ship - "Delta" - and regret
that I cannot supply you with any intelligence
respecting the same - The occurrence happened
a short time before I took Office here. Decbr 1854.
but no such Anchor and Chains as you describe
have been ledged either with my predecessor
or with me The late Mr Stephenson of
Bridlington was receiver of Wreck till October 1855
when I succeeded him in the Office - and sold
several Anchors and Chains which he left at
Bridlington to which I have sent since my
return - and had an inquiry made amongst
the Boat-men, but they have no remembrance
of any such articles. I have alsomade inquiry
of the receiver of Wreck for the [Humber], and
he has no knowledge whatever, of the
Anchor and Chains. J Sparrow.


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