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are sold you must remember to take
credit for 15/6[a] in my account of which
I apprized you when the anchors were
given into your custody
J Sparrow

Lt Shacklock R. N "Batten Duty om"
Bridlington Quay 5 March 1857
My Dear Sir
The duty is [?]/. be so good
as to return this paper with the other that a
proper entry may be made.
J Sparrow

[Lee]. Board of Trade.
The ship was lost in May 1853. The Log was
picked up in May 1856 and application is
made in 1857. There are no marks. I doubt
if we can give this up. [?] 26/2
The receiver of Wreck
Custo House Hull. Is informed that
under the above [?] [?] the [timber] in
question must be treated as a [Droit]
James Booth Feby 27/57 R. R. Feby 26/57
Communicated to Mr. [Runton]
6 March 1857 J Sparrow

Lt Shacklock R N "Timber Duty on"
Bridlington. 17March 2857
My dear sir
Above I send you an
Duty for £1.19.5. The duty was [erroneously]
[computed] [4/3][d] [short]. Which I have paid
and will thank you to send me the account
at some convenient time. The error was as
you will see by [comparing] this with the
[former] paper. That the duty on the 29 [Pieces]
of Plank was [computed] as Wood [be.o.e]
instead of Wood [sa...]
J Sparrow
Be so good as to return
these papers ~




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