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of your letter of the 28th [Ultium]. inquiring
"Whether [a] [Demand] was not made on
"the Master of the ["Larusia"] for £8 - attended
"with a threat at the same time that if it
" were not paid some of the [Stores] would be
"seized at Hull for the [account]."
And in reply have to acquaint you
that I have no knowledge whatever of the circum
-stance to which you allude. I was informed
by Michael [Leddy] [commissioned] [Boatman] of the
Coast Guard that services had been rendered
by himself and men to the "[Larissia]" which
had not been satisfied [a...d] that. £7 or
£8 [?] about pay for the same.
The Stores of the Vessel which had been
saved were then in Hull on their way to
London, I therefore called upon the Agents for the
General [Steam] Navigation Company to desposit
£8 in respect of the services in question,
with which he complied. Had he declined
I should have detained some [article] that
could not have been damaged say an
Anchor, or a Chain Cable. Which I am
authroized to do under the 46th Section of
the M. [S]. Act 1854. (17 & 18 [Vict] Cap 104)
J Sparrow,

Lt Shacklock R N " Timber Duty on"
Bridlington Quay 9 March 1857
My Dear Sir
The Timber contains
4 loads 28 feet and the DUty thereon £1.14.2
[?], about 11[d] in each of the first 24 - and 5[d] in the
29, as [I] annexed [proper], which, together with
this paper please return when the [Lurcher]
is sold. A proper entry shall then be drawn
so as to enable you to pay the duty and [bring]
the same to account. When the Anchors

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