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6 Forms of Entries in Report Book 1 Copy of Instructions 1 Report Book (to Secy at Lloyds) 1 Book account of Droits recd and disposal 6 Accounts of Sale of Wreck by Lt. Stewart 1 Account of Droits in Admiralty Janr at Bridlington Quay

J. Sparrow


29 Oct. 1855

Sir -Having been informed that you possess Manorial rights over a portion of the Coast between Flamborough Head & the Spurn Point, I am directed by the Board of Trade, -- as the Receiver of Wreck for that District, -- to bring under your notice the 454th Section of the M. S Act of 1854 (17 & 18 vic c 104) -- Whereby it is enacted that

"Any Lord of the Manor who is entitled to "unclaimed Wreck, found on any place &c -"such Lord of the Manor shall deliver to such "Receiver a statement containing the particulars "of his Title & the address to which notices are to "be sent -- and upon such statement being so "delivered -- and Proof made &c -- such "Receiver whenever he takes possession of any "Wreck shall send notice accordingly," --

I will therefore thank you to inform me of the extent of Coast within the said limits over which you claim Manorial rights, --with the particulars of your Title thereto, -- and the address to which I am to send Notices, -- Unless you have already done so in compliance with the 10th Sec of the act 9 & 10 vic ch 99 -- in which latter case I will thank you to inform me of the date of your letter & to whom such particulars were supplied J.S. Copies sent to - Sir C Constable Bark Burton Constable Sir H. Boynton Bark Burton Agnes Sir G. Strickland Bark Boyton W. Strickland Esq. Flambro - (over)

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R. Bethell Esq Rise M. Prickett Esq Bridlington The Revd C. Hudson Bessingby Yarborough Yarborough Esq Sewerby

30th Oct 1855 Sir In Reply to your preceeding Order of Reference I beg to acquaint you that the Representative of the late Jn. Stephenson has delivered to me the Books & papers, undermentioned viz 1 Report Book (blank) 1 Admiralty Regulations respecting Lights 6 Forms of Wreck Returns (Wr.1) 6 Forms of Entries in Report Book (Wx4) 1 Copy of Instructions to Receivers 1 Report Book to Lloyds 1 Book of Account of Droits Received & Disposed I therefore request to be supplied with a proper quantity of the undermentioned Forms Wr 2 " 3 " 5 " 6 " 7 " 8 " 9 " 10 " 11 J. S.

Secry Marine Deptmt. Board of Trade London



These are private account books of the late Mr Stephenson

30th Oct. 1855 Dr. Sir I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of yesterday's date conveying Accounts of Sale of Wreck by Lt. Stewart Be so good as to retain the proceeds £7.19.41/2

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for the present

With respect to the account of Lots in Admiralty Yard - 27 are are enumerated on the List - 3 of which must belong to the lot of 5 claimed - I therefore return the list & will thank you to point out the 3 that have been claimed, & return it to yours tl Stephenson James Bridlington J.S.

My Dr Sir - 31 Oct 1853

Did you report the Wreck of the "Freres Unis", on Form (W & 1) appendix of Red Book -

I forgot to ask the question when with you on Saturday

Metcalfe Capt R.N. J.S.

Dr Sir 3 Oct. 1855

I send you a letter I recd the other day from Mr Clubbey - with a statemt of Wreck Goods in his Possession, which I have abstracted - & will thank you to inform me whether I have placed the right numbers against those articles opposite which I have put figures, & also to fill up the gaps I have left for numbers to the other articles - for which purpose I have sent you a list of the Open accounts - subsequent to April 14th 1854 inclusive - Upon which account I have also marked off with red ink all those articles of which you sent me accounts of Sale that I have been able to identify - there are four articles however that I cannot trace in consequence of the items not being numbered I therefore send you the papers with a hope you will be able to assist me - Two of the Items are on one paper following No. 121. the other two are on seperate papers - I also return the paper you sent me headed "Bridlington

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"Quay 19 April 1855" - & will thank you to inform me whether all three of the Items Nos 102, 114, 115 - are claimed by Sir C. Constable, - & where they are now lodged - I will also thank you to inform me whereabouts in Bridlington the warehouse is situated of which you may speak in your note - & whether it can be availed of for the reception of such future wreck goods as may require to be housed - J.S.

The 2 Rolls of Notices of Wreck you gave me are for 1853 & 1855 - Be as good as to send me that for 1854 -

Saturday - I have just recd a note from the Offr. at Sandlemere, - but it is in so rude a state that I have requested an account to be sent in a form I have prepared. - when I receive it I may probably require your assistance to arrange numbers &c. Stephenson J Bridn J. S.

Walters Brambles & Son - Lloyds Agents - Bridlington Quay Gents 5 Nov 1855

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 3rd Inst - & its inclosure apprizing me of the finding in Bridlington Bay of an anchor and 30 tons chain - which you state belongs to the "Naiad", of Hartlepool now in your Harbour -

On Captain Metcalfe or Mr Shacklock being satisfied that the articles in question belong to the vessel named they may be delivered to the Master or owner - on satisfying the Boatman who found the same - of which - one of those Officers must also approve -

I beg to return your notice that you may add thereto the names of the Salvors - I also send you a printed form which I will

"Marginalia:" W

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thank you to have filled up by the Claimant 5 before delivery of the anchor and cable

The Collr of Customs at Hull will thank Lieut. Stubbin to state hereon about the value of the Rudder in question - & in any future cases of report of wreck be so good as to state a value -

Stubbin Lt Flambro J.S.

Marginalia S

Dr Sir 7 Nov. 1855

I am obliged by your letter of - yesterday's date & also by the receipt of Notices of Wreck for 1854 - for which you have the thanks of - Stephenson Jas Bridlington J.S.

Marginalia S

Waters, Brambles & Son - Lloyds Agents - Bridlington

Gentn 7 Nov. 1855 I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of yesterday's date & its inclosure which I have forwarded to the Board of Trade for Instructions - J.S.

Marginalia W

Sir - 7 Nov. 1855

I've to acquaint you that on the 27th ult I proceeded to Bridlington & took possession from the representative of Mr Stephenson late Receiver of Wrecks &c- of 24 anchors - pieces of Iron Chain Cable &c - which are secured in an enclosure near the town called the Admiralty Yard - those anchors &c - have been landed from time to time since the 4th Aril 1854 to the 7 June last - & secured in the enclosure before named in respect of which the lat Mr Stephenson paid a Rent of £5 per ann

Marginalia A No. 8224 Registered [?th] Nov 1855 To Mr Farrer - Authorise this [?] let the sale be delayed until June T H Farrer Col Customs 1 Nov Hull

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