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October 29

1964. Thurs. rain. Worked at notes. Wrote letters. To dinner at U.W.C. Prof. Nelson spoke on residency.

1965. Fri. Cold. Wrote letters. Heliconian Literature section lunch - 10 there. Shopped & to Locke lib.
Mrs. Simcoe's Diary came out.

1966. Sat. To Ellan Clark's wedding. With V. Bladen, St. Basil's. Reception dinner at Faculty Club. Hugh took me to hospital to see Lorraine & baby.

1967. Sun. to church. Cold. For a ride with Hugh's, dinner & to see "Bonnie & Clyde".

1968. Tues. Lunch in Judge Waisberg's chambers w. him & Marsh. Kept Paul while Lorraine at doctor. To Lawrence Pk. Church w. Payzant - discussion.

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