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September 9

1964. Wed. Anne off to Kerry Blues at [unclear]. Took boys a walk. Very humid. Anne back for dinner. Ironed my dresses.

1965. Thu. Anne at Univ. Cleaned & baked. Fred called up & came at 8. Talked & talked. Lovely day. Bathed Mary

1966. Fri. To religious educ. Com. lunch at Westbury. Dr. Wyndham from Australia. Dinner at Kieler Mackays. Jeanneret drove me there. Very nice.

1967. Sat. All to Museum, lunch there. To High Park - flowers, weddings. All & Nancy & Doug to Hugh's for barbecue dinner. Saw P.C. Convention - Stanfield chosen.

1968. Mon. To store. Wrote letters. Worked on Jameson. Ordered "Living in Canada" copies.

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