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September 8

1964. Tues. hemmed my curtains. With boys to store. Miss Boyd & Edna to dinner & Miss B. showed slides of Palestine

1965. Wed. To U.W.C. Programme Com. & lunch there. To Waterloo - all met me. With Ian & Stanton to "Falstaff". Splendid.

1966. Thu. To Loblaws & ordered groceries. Lorraine & Paul came to see me. Sorted papers & wrote letters. Called up Anne. Lovely weather.

1967. Fri. to Religious Education Com. Bruce bo't red convertible. All for ride. D. took Mary & me downtown & to Univ. Cates's to Chouns. All to Nancy & Doug's.

1968. Sun. All to Waterloo, Fred & Dorothy there. Heroic meals, touch football in park, talked & talked, perfect day. Children so good

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