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September 1

1964. Tues. Worked in Archives all a.m. [unclear] & I shopped & took typewriter to be fixed.

1965. Wed. To Reference library, shopped. Rain all day. Donald, Mary & John came. I to Centennial book meeting at U.W.C.

1966. Thu. to P.N.E. circus - bears etc. Very good, went thru exhibits, grandstand - Nelson Eddy, R.C.M.P. Musical Ride. Very good time.

1967. Fri. 1st rain in months. Mary, children & I to Guildford & Newton Library. Bruce very late.

1968. Sun. To Deer Park Church to hear Dr. Griffith. Talked in park with Greta & Karl Helleiner. Lovely day. Thunder storm at night.

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