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Nov. 26th - Dec. 1st

Thurs. 26th. Busy morning as usual. There was a meeting here in the aft. to form a new Chapter of the D. O. Empire - mainly for relations of the Seaforths who have gone to the Front & the object being to do all possible work for them & those they have left behind. Those present were were Lady Tupper who has two sons, Mrs Macdonell, Mrs Tait, Mrs Clark, Mrs Hamber, Mrs Reid, Mrs [unclear], M. & myself & Mrs [unclear] & Miss Robertson came to form the Chapter. They want to call it the "Col. Leckie Chapter". In fact the [unclear] was taken to that effect, but I don't know whether Bertie will care about having it so, though of course it is an honour. Turned in fairly early.

Frid. 27th. Busy morning. Retrieved my purple hat after lunch & M. & I went to a very nice tea at Mrs Hamber's. Mrs Russell took us there & back in her car. Wet weather.

Sat. 28th. Another wet day. Walked down to the "Province" office & back in the A.M. as I wanted to get some last week's papers. Ruby Seymour came with me. Sat with the children most of the aft. & I was busy looking after them. Went down to the Langley's for about half an hour before dinner. Adele Reeve was there.

Sun. 29th. Went to Church in the A.M. but was not out again all day. Spent most of the time with the children. Did up some papers to send off & wrote Jack in the eve. Rainy day.

Mon. 30th. St. Andrew's Day. Had letters from both Bertie & Jack & most interesting photos from the former. The Seaforth Highlanders which were the only ones of their Brigade photographed at the King's Review. In one of them Bertie is standing beside the Queen & just behind the King & in another he is leading the regiment in the cheering as Their Majesties are just about to leave in their [unclear]. Bertie sent me $50.00 - most welcome! I went into town late in the aft. - to the P. Office - Handicrafts (where I ran across [Roly?] & the two Miss [unclear]) & did a little shopping before six. Got a couple of "Graphics" with the picture of Bertie & his regiment cheering the King on the cover. Was tired in the eve. & did not do much but read.

1st December 1914

Tues. 1st. Rather hors du combat but spent an energetic day though I got up late. Went in [unclear] after lunch & bought a new blouse which I wore, in the eve, when Mr & Mrs Gzowski came in after going to the Dominion.

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