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Nov. 21st - 25th.

Sat. 21st. Did not sleep well - too much excitement probably. We had the "Cabaret" again in the eve. as it was such a success. The house was not packed as the night before (it was such a short notice) & it was a different sort of audience but almost more enthusiastic. We had our turn earlier & all went up in a box & watched the show. Came home in the Bell-Irving's car with Anita, Mary P. & K.W.

Sun. 22nd. Did not sleep well again. Took Margie for a walk in the A.M. Went to the Gzowskie's to supper with Digby as M. could not go on account of [unclear] being still ill. Some friends of his gave us a lift up there in their car. Rainy day.

Mon. 23rd. A busy day as usual. Was with [unclear] & the baby a lot & did not get [unclear] a great deal. Did not feel awfully fit anyway. Jim brought his [cousin?] Mr Grier - an American boy up in the eve. & we played here. Rather encouraging news from the Front. A German submarine has been sunk - also a destroyer (the latter in collision with a Danish steamer) & the Russians are holding the Germans back in their second rush on Warsaw.

Tues. 24th. Beautiful weather. Washed some things in the A.M. tidied up etc. read "Peter Pan" to [unclear] for a while. Had a rest after lunched & later called at the Pybus' & Fellows (out). Had dinner early & then took Miss [unclear] down to the "Dominion" & saw a lot of pictures of Canadian troops - quite a number of the Highlanders - those taken at Brockton Point among them. Bertie appeared quite often. Wrote when I got home. The proceeds (box office) of the Cabaret were 700 odd the first night & 500 odd the second . That means about 2200 for the three performances we have given - quite worthwhile I should say. The first was for the Belgians, the 2nd the Womans' Employment League & the 3rd the Woman's Exchange.

Wed. 25th. Spent a busy day at home. Went over to the [unclear] St. Hospital to see Mrs [Roofe?] later in the aft. Did some sewing in the eve. Kirk came in almost 11 P.M. M. & Digby were at the Dominion.

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