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Nov. 5th - 13th.

Thurs. 5th. Just a year since Father died. Did some sewing in the A.M. & began cleaning a downstairs cupboard filled with the children's toys. Wet morning but beautiful aft. Met Mrs Wright at the Dominion about 3.15 as I wanted to see the Highlander film again. She came back here to tea with me. Did some darning in the eve. & wrote. The Germans seem to be retreating in Belgium & the Russians advancing quite rapidly on their Eastern frontier. Their navy is becoming more active. No British confirmation yet of the loss of the "Monmouth" & "Good Hope" off the coast of Chile. I see Mikey McCuaig's name among the officers from Montreal - good [unclear] Mikey! He is Signalling Officer. I think Pete [unclear] has gone too - there are a lot of old St. A names among the officers.

Frid. 6th. Walked into town & back in the aft. Went in to the office to see some cuttings Bertie had sent Miss Burroughs. Stopped in at [unclear] [unclear] (where Margaret was) & at Mrs Ritchie's on the way home, but she was out so I went in to the Dominion to see the "Gazette" on the way in to town.

Sat. 7th. Busy day. Sadie came with me to see the Gazette at the Dominion in the aft.

Sun. 8th. Went to morning service. M. was in bed all day with a bad headache. Had tea Vera Kerr (Allen) & Aileen who was staying with her. Went to eve. service. Rainy afternoon.

Mon. 9th. Busy day. Went down with the Ritchies to see Gerald Boileau off with 200 men who are to join a foreign service battalion in Montreal. They had no uniforms and there was no band but they sang & tried to be gay. It was rather pathetic. Afterwards Mrs [R?] & I stopped in at the Dominion. Kirk came in here late.

Tues. 10th. Rainy day. Went to a D.O.E. meeting at the Tupper's but was too late. Stayed to a children's party they were having in honour of [unclear] [unclear] 6th birthday. It was quite fun. Mrs Ritchie & [Isabel?] Wilson were there too. Mrs Langley called on Sophie & Mr L. drove Mrs R. & myself home.

Wed. 11th. Busy day. Sewed as much as possible as I am trying to do over an old [rose?] silk dress.

Thurs. 12th. Another busy day. Continued sewing when possible. Took Miss Manuel to the Dominion in the eve. It was a very wet night.

Frid. 13th. Went to a tea party at the Tuppers in the aft. - just a small one. Spent most of the eve. 'phoning about our Highland Dances. Miss [unclear] came in with Margaret [later?] on. Mrs R. went to hospital

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