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Oct. 30th - Nov. 4th

Went in to the Hutcheson's after where I stayed to dinner but not long after. Mr H. brought me home on his way to drill.

Frid. 30th. Note from Bertie on board the "Audania" at Plymouth. He did not then know whether they were to land or not. They had had a wonderful trip over & it must have been a marvellous sight to see the 32 transports and their escorts coming into Plymouth Harbour. Felt rather sad all day. Washed some things, did some mending etc. Mrs [unclear] came in in the eve.

Sat. 31st. Hallow'een. Busy morning. Took Miss [unclear] to the Dominion but only stayed a few minutes with her there & went to Mrs Rae Green's to tea. Went to see Miss Manuel before coming home as she was ill. Mr Rollston & I went to the Dominion in the eve. They put on Dickens' "Chimes". Wet night.

1st November

Sun. 1st. All Saints' Day. Went to Church & stayed to Communion. Afterwards took some mags. down to Miss Manuel. Took Margie to the Rollston's to tea. The Hendersons & [unclear] [unclear] were there & one or two other "grown-ups". Felt rather hors de combat all day. War news fairly satisfactory. The Allies have blocked Germany's mad rush for Calais. Turkey has come in on Germany's side. The Hermes - a small British Cruiser has been sunk by an enemy's submarine in Dover Straits. Turned in very early.

Mon. 2nd. Took Margie to school & then walked down to Pender & Granville to see the troops go off to Hastings Park (the men for the 2nd Contingent.) just saw them in the distance, however. Very wet morning. Ursula Johnson & Miss Hogg called in the aft. & then I went to [unclear] [unclear] to tea. The Seymours, Mrs Rae Green, Mrs Symes & Viola Fergeson were there. Sat by the library fire & read in the eve. Cleared [unclear] [unclear].

Tues. 3rd. Wet morning. Felt very gloomy all day. Mrs & Miss Cook & Mrs & Mr Taylor were here to "High Tea". Afterwards Miss Cook, Mr Taylor & I went down to the Dominion. In the "Gazette" there was a picture of the [unclear] leaving here for the Front. Some of them were very plain. Max Reed for one & Kirk who was with them. Bertie was not very near.

Wed. 4th. Washed some things & put in a busy morning [though?] I had a rest as I felt tired. Mrs Russell drove M. & myself up to Shaugnessy in her car in the aft. & we left [unclear] on Mrs Hamber. She left me in town at Mrs Langley's where I had tea. Washed the dinner dishes. Turned in quite early.

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