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1914 September 28th - Oct. 1st

Mon. 28th. Busy day. Took [unclear] & Miss Campbell down to the Dominion [unclear] in the eve. Moved into Bertie's old room. I housecleaned it [unclear].

Tues. 29th. Busy day - some people here to tea but I did not [unclear] in. Cut down my [unclear] blue hat, turned it inside out & retrimmed it - it looks quite smart. A Miss [unclear] [unclear] & Miss [Boulles?] came in in the eve. They are friends of Edith [unclear] (Mrs Balfour)

Wed. 30th. Beautiful day for a change. Miss [Tupper?] had arranged to drive me out to Siwash rock with some magazines for the 50 kilties there but she rang up at the last minute to say she couldn't go. However the Langleys took me out in the aft. Spent the A.M. cleaning silver, washing [unclear] etc. The Langleys had Mrs [unclear] & the [unclear] with them & after calling at different places for the mags we left Mrs. [unclear] & the kiddies at home & [unclear] Mrs W. & I drove out to Siwash Rock. Major Tait had phoned we were coming so we went through a gate marked "No Admittance" & down a long muddy road where some soldiers and horses [unclear] working till we were stopped by a sentry - who brought the Sergeant of the Guard who in turn brought Lieut. Mark [unclear] who showed us the guns & with whom we had tea in a beautiful spot in front of his shack. The Camp was most picturesque in this little hidden spot on the edge of the sea. There were the big white tents, the little wooden shacks in front of the big trees all around (a certain amount of ground had been cleared) & on the platforms facing the sea there were the two guns on which Vancouver's safety to a large extent depends. Capt. [Mark?] seemed to think it not enough - especially as there are several German cruisers in the vicinity. Last Sunday night they quite expected them while we were deluded into thinking we were absolutely safe now. After tea Mrs W. & I walked down the steps & looked at Siwash rock & she told me the story about it. Pauline Johnson's ashes are buried there. [Mr?] [Mark?] drove home with us. Usual Wed. dinner dish washing. Read a while & turned in early as I was tired.


Thurs. 1st. Another wet day again after the ne fine one. Wrote Jack in the A.M.

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